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One Up – Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3.5g


Each of these shroom bars contains twelve pieces of chocolate with an average weight of 290 mg for each piece (3.5g total bar).

The precise measurement of the weight allows you to consume the exact right dosage of Psilocybin in the form of chocolate, without the gritty taste.

Directions: Consume on empty stomach. Beginners can start with 1/2 or 1 square, wait 30 minutes for effect before consuming additional squares.

Psilocybin Content: 3.5mg Psilocybin entire bar/290 mg for each piece/(12) Pieces Per Bar

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place.

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Where To Buy Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3.5g

Buy Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3.5g for sale online at a very affordable price, there are many benefits to Buying mushroom chocolate bars, but convenience and ease of dosing are undoubtedly the most important ones.

Also, Not only is shroom chocolate discreet and easily pocketable, but it also offers a fixed dose of psilocybin in each serving.

For some people, if you know the right dose of psilocybin properly and use your shroom edibles responsibly, you may discover a whole new world of getting the benefits from your natural resources.

Furthermore, magic mushrooms and Psilocybin Chocolate Bar are an awesome mix. Enabling you to enjoy the great flavor as you munch down your shrooms.

Psilocybin mushrooms are fungi that contain the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin. However, there are other popular names for psilocybin mushrooms, the most popular being magic mushrooms or shrooms.

What Are Chocolate Shrooms?

An important thing to note before you Buy Psilocybin mushroom chocolate bar is that they are categories of polyphyletic fungi that many take because of its psychedelic properties. Psilocybin is the main ingredient in magic mushrooms, leading to the hallucinogenic effects normally associated with shrooms.

Furthermore, it equally has almost similar side effects to psychoactive substances like DMT, Mescaline, and LSD. It is a substance extracted from the mushroom and then combined with other food items to produce the shroom edible. Magic mushrooms have been used for a long time now, be it for medicinal, social, or religious practices.

One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3.5g

Each strain presents itself differently to the physiology of differing individuals, factoring in their body mass, and mental state. And their comfort with their surroundings, so it’s prudent to wait anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes for the initial effects to begin before substantially increasing your dose.

Also, As with all shroom products, keep these well out of the reach of pets, minors, pregnant or nursing women, and anyone who isn’t on board for an incredible psychedelic journey. (buy chocolate mushrooms for sale online) Buy a mushroom chocolate bar

What are the Effects of Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Using our Psilocybin Mushroom Milk Chocolate Bar will deliver the same psilocybin experience you know and love. Well-infused our Milk Chocolate Bars with a strain that’s a perfect all-rounder.

Furthermore, with this Milk Chocolate Bar, you can equally expect to feel an energetic high with laser-sharp focus. You will also find yourself grinning ear to ear as you feel pure euphoria. At higher doses, you will have stimulating visuals, time distortion, and deep introspection.

Mental Effects

Physical Effects

Decreases in mood Dizziness / Light-headedness
Confusion of senses Heightened blood pressure
Anxiety Muscle weakness
Panic attacks Increased heart rate
Disorientation Upset stomach
Confusion Nausea
Paranoia Elevated body temperature
Fear Dry mouth

What Are The Dosages Of Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Additionally, talking about the dosage of Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate Bar which is one of the most important aspects of every drug.

Also, most chocolate mushroom products can be of higher quality and have more potent starting materials. As such it is very important to know how much psilocybin is in a piece of chocolate.

Furthermore, you can also check the label on the product, making sure the dosages and instructions are provided. If for any reason your products don’t contain this information, then it’s a possible sign that your product may not be good for consumption.

Furthermore, when producing your own Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate homemade, please take extra care. If for any reason you are not certain about how much to take, then its best you start with something small. You can also take more but be cautious when taking it.

Note that, everyone has different things in common like body type and you could never compare with another person.

Level Effects For Who
Microdose No visible changes, no loss of control Microdosers or new experimental users
Low Light euphoria, minor distortions Beginner users
Medium Increased euphoria, deep introspection, heightened mood Intermediate users
High Heavy introspection, open-mindedness, heavy hallucinations Heavy users
Extreme Intense psychedelic experience Extreme Shrooms

Why Buy Quality Chocolate Mushroom for Sale Online Form Us

As with all our products, store these well out of the reach of minors and pets, and for maximum longevity, keep them cool and away from sunlight.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for where to buy Chocolate Mushroom Online For Sale for safe traditional medicines then you are definitely at the right place.

Nevertheless, We have the best quality chocolate mushroom for sale online in USA or Canada and many other countries in the world today. We equally Ship to almost every location in the world. You can get in touch with us HERE for more info.

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