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Premium magic mushroom capsules


8 x 250 mg capsules
6 x 350 mg capsules
4 x 500 mg capsules
Each capsule contains:
250 – 500 mg’s (0.25 – 0.5 grams) of 100% Organic Psilocybin Cubensis
Kosher, halal and vegan friendly gel capsules.

ALL mushrooms used in our premium magic mushroom capsules are from fruiting bodies
There are no added fillers, starch, grains or mycelium

Buy Premium Magic Mushroom Capsules For Sale In USA

You must be wondering where to Buy Magic Mushroom Capsules For Sale Online for a very affordable price. Well, as the name goes, it is full of magic but not like sorcerer magic but medicinal magic.

Furthermore, you can equally add B vitamins, antioxidants, beta-glucans, and potassium to yours if you want to enrich your solution.

What Is Magic Mushroom Capsule?

To begin, we need to note that some mushrooms are medician and edible, and some might just kill you. In the past years, many could not distinguish between medicinal and edible Magic mushrooms. This however had to pay some prices

With edible mushrooms, you can easily add them as a side dish or toss them into a stir fry. More so, some mushrooms like porcinis, white button mushrooms, portobello, and Shiitake taste very good and are very easy to add to your dishes.

Nevertheless, others, however, do have a great and higher quantity of antioxidants and phytonutrients but are certainly not appealing when it comes to flavor.

Nevertheless, other mushrooms are highly used for medicinal and functional purposes. Some which included Chaga, turkey tail, and Reishi are best known for their elevating levels of beta-glucans and maybe other important nutrients.

Instead of buying fresh magic mushrooms, you can just buy Magic Mushroom Capsules For Sale Online from us which is an extracted version of magic mushrooms. Furthermore, it is conveniently stuffed into capsule form.

However, this mushroom so far contains no psilocybin that’s if you are looking forward to hallucinogenic effects. It is mostly for immune-supporting potential and good health.

You can equally get in touch with us HERE if you are looking for where to Buy Magic Mushroom Capsules For Sale Online.

Magic Mushroom Capsules Made From/How Are Magic Mushroom Capsules Made

Firstly, keep in mind that not all mushroom capsules and powder are the same.  So we advise that you choose extracts made from the entire body.

Furthermore, there are also cheap ones from different parts of the mushroom, known as mycelium. The mushrooms if first carefully dried and extracted with hot water. It is later turned into a fine powder “spray drying” process, resulting to a potent mushroom powder containing all the beneficial compounds you ever wanted.

Are Mushroom Capsules Vegan, Keto, or Organic?

It actually depends on many factors to tell if it is Keto, Organic, or Vegan. It equally depends on whoever produces the capsule. In the case of vegetarian mushrooms, it is not necessarily halal or vegan.

Nevertheless, at Psychedelic Gardens, all magic mushroom products are from completely fruiting body, vegan, organic, gluten-free, organic pullulan capsule, and non-GMO. They are also good in terms of ingredients like paleo and keto diets.

Possible Ingredients To Avoid While Making Mushroom Capsule

To buy Magic Mushroom Capsules For Sale Online or Top quality Premium Mushroom For Sale Online,then ensure the capsule is of pullulan and organic mushrooms. Some manufacturers add flow aids to improve the capsule process.

There is not anything inherently wrong with flow aids but the extra ingredients are something to be aware of.

Furthermore, all many people do is just buy and consume them without knowing most of the ingredients. Put in mind that all vegetarian things are healthy.

Uses and Benefits of Quality Premium Magic Mushroom Capsule for sale

Mushrooms are very rich in certain nutrients needed by the body, they also have antioxidants and polysaccharides for immune support.

Nevertheless, they are certain types of medicinal mushrooms you may want to consider before going into this. The below mushrooms may help you in one way or the other.


Lion’s mane mushroom is best for brain health, mental clarity, focus, and memory. It also helps to defend and repair nerve damage.

Many people on the other hand say Lion’s Mane has a calming effect. Moreso, it is one of the few medicinal mushrooms that is also a delicious gourmet variety.


Turkey’s tail is one of the most popular mushrooms, it is mostly for supporting the immune system. Much of the research into mushroom anti-cancer properties has investigated the beta-glucans of turkey tail and their effects.


Reishi, as the name goes is very good use to promote sleep. Additionally, it equally protects the immune system, protecting it against heart disease. It is somehow kind of bitter with a woody texture and as such best used as a capsule.


This species however doesn’t look quite like much but however, stay on guard. It has many immune-boosting properties and anti-oxidants.


Not forgetting the lady who has the ability to lower blood sugar levels. Maitake is also very amazing and can be part of your dish


Here, Cordyceps helps with boosting stamina (improving how O2 is sent to the entire body). It is also however a fungus among athletes.

How Can I Make My Own Mushroom Capsule

Do you really want to try this out? that’s not going to be a problem. All you need to do is just follow the below steps carefully and your Magic Mushroom Capsule will be ready in no time.

Firstly, get dried or fresh mushrooms, then try tossing them into a coffee machine (coffee grinder). This will turn it into powder. Take very good care of the powder ensuring one foreign particle gets into it. Next up, we move to the capsule which is easy to make by the below steps;

  • Divide your capsule into two (like normal),
  • Now fill each of the sides of the capsule with the maker,
  • Next, insert your mushroom power inside,
  • Enable to park it evenly in your capsule,
  • Add more and more mushroom powder to the capsule again,
  • Put more Mushroom powder until the capsule is full.
  • Now close the two halves together as one like before.
  • Last, clean up.

Magic Mushroom Capsules For Sale Online

If for any reason you don’t have time this week or next, then you can buy Premium Magic Mushroom Capsules For Sale from us, the best and most trusted Psychedelics Gadens in the market.

What are The Dosages of Magic Mushroom Capsule For Sale/Dosage Of Mushroom Capsule For Sale

Having a product at hand without a prescription is like being in the face of death. Many report several side effects which were all-cause because they never had the right dose to take.

At times, some take 1/2 and 2g of the mushroom powder extract daily.

Nevertheless, the dosage may also depend solely on your personal health as well. You may have a certain condition you want to treat.

Last but not the least, we highly recommend you see a health care professional and discuss your health issues before attempting to increase or decrease the dosage.


18 Capsule, 36 Capsule


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